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Aware or not to aware?


Have a lengthy discussion with my friend today about what Parents' Resource for Autism (PR4A) is trying to do to create awareness about autism in Malaysia. Since April is international autism month and we are trying to create whatever awareness we can in Malaysia. This is the links to some post on Autism Awareness in Malaysia.

From PR4A:- Art Exhibition : Artists with Autism 2008, Art Auction, Charity Dinner, Fashion Show and Music performance

From Around the Blogs and News : -

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The People's Parliament

Malaysian National News Agency

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UNICEF Malaysia here
and here

Thank you very much for all your effort to bring greater awareness about autism. Now back to the discussion with my friend. She does not support the notion of creating awareness or to bring spotlight to those suffering from autism. According to her, autism should not be label as an disability and you are I have certain level of autistic behavior ourself.

She belief putting a label or register with the social welfare department will deprive them a better life because they will live with the stigma for life.

What do you guy think?


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