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We are your Boss! We are the Rakyat

We elected you in March 8, 2008 so you will carry our voice. If you don't even have a question or issue to ask in the Parliament, please come here and champion one of the issues.

So sad to read that 29 MP has nothing to ask here, here

My readers please list out your Questions or Issues in comment section, and I shall edit them in a proper list here.

  1. [Shiok Guy] We need a confirmation about the use of indelible ink for next GE. Please start the ball rolling to change the act to enable this. Don't wait until the last minute. Also start educate the people about the use of the ink.
  2. [Shiok Guy] Setup an department call Internal Audit Force (IAF), they should have the power under parliament to go undercover, pretend to be crook to catch corrupted Polices, Government Officers, Politician and others
  3. [21 April 2008: Ronnie Goh] Limit the term of PM & DPM to 2 terms max. They cannot seek for another terms after that.
  4. [22 April 2008: Anak XXX] Medias licensing right to individual state, for circulate and use within the state need not seek federal approval.
  5. [22 April 2008: YoYo Go] I want to know how many % of income tax from tax payer of a state going back to the state via federal fund? It has to be agreed up front what % need to go back or else once we are in PR's state, should we stop paying income tax to federal?
  6. [29 April 2008: ShiokGuy] Look into how we implement the disability act. Is there a penalty for someone who did this? Read here..

Do you more to add to the list? Send me an email or leave your in comments section.

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Shiok Guy

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