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Fitna Vs Schism


About reading about Fitna (Part 1, Part 2) the movie from friend and other blogger, I have no desire to watch the film until The People's Parliament report about a bible version of Fitna call Schism.

So I decided to just watch both film just now. Well I agreed with The People Parliament that the person who produce Schism will not worried about his life. The blogger from Saudi by the name of Raed AlSaeed will not need to hide and fear for his life, no need to go into hiding or seek protection unlike the producer of Fitna Geert Wilders & Co.

Remember Van Gogh who was stabbed to death?

Watching the Fitna on certain part when a leader pull out the sword remain me of someone in Malaysia. Do we really want to have such a leader in our beloved Malaysia?

Go and click on the link and watch it in youtube. And I am sure you can draw your own conclusion by watch both.

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