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Not again Nik Aziz


KOTA BARU, April 13 — Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yesterday said it was not necessary for non-Muslims to inform their family of their wish to embrace Islam. - Malaysian Insider

Oh not here you go again Nik Aziz. What is the problem of having one to inform their family? Are you so weak that you cannot stand the objective? If you are truly belief in converting, no one in this world will stop you. Unless the conversion is done without the person even knowing. Or when the person is unconscious and simply get his thumb print and wallah he is a Muslim.

When he die, the whole drama start again. Don't you think it is so stupid Nik Aziz? Or you simple too senile to know the different?

"It is not right to impose the requirement (to inform family members) of one's desire to embrace Islam because it concerns an individual's right."

I agreed. So stop the WET DREAM on Islamic State. Religion is individual right and don't imposed on others your Islamic Law!


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