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Interview for Autism Awareness


I gave an interview for autism awareness from a parent perspective. Have some video on my son bad mood situation and also when he is in jolly mood.

Don't want to show the Bad Mood side of him, but then again it will not help to create awareness. The public will think that all autism kids are savant and good mood all the time.

Now I have my headphone on and blast loud music into my ears so I cannot hear him whining. He is pacing around my office whining nonstop. He might stop for a while and start all over again.

I am not proud to use the headphone to "filtered" off his whining, however I just need a break.

I was wondering why there is no a single comment posted in your blog.You said u are a daddy of two autism inflicted boys and where is their mum.You didn't mention about your wife,is she around?In fact,I don't know about autism,is it some kind of illness related to mentally retarded syndrome?How did the boys get it? So they have mood swings at any time,right?You are a great father
I think and anyway I wish you good luck and I have nothing to say.

Albert From Penang 18-4-2008

My blog is my way of voicing out my opinion and a avenue to release my tension. Let talk to someone about my concern, anger and view point.

Why no single comment? I do have some comment, not many and can be counter by my two hand, less than 10.

I did reject 3 due to religious, racial and political extreme. I hope in time when this Blog get more popular, I will have more comments. I love to hear comment and feedback from my reader.

However certain comment related to religion, race and politic might be deem illegal in Malaysia.

My wife is around.

Autism is an learning disorder and some might have mental retardation too, but rare.

You blog are very "Juicy" and I hope you are not serious about kiddy stuff. If you are a pedo than I do not want to be your friend.

Thank for your comment Albert

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