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Papa or Daddy, I am equally happy

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"Papa", "Daddy", "Pa", "Dad"

This will be my long waited birthday wishes. Every year on 23 April since 2002, I alway said to WJ my elder son that :

"It's OK baby"

"Happy Birthday Papa"

"There! Papa said it on your behalf"

"Papa Said 'Thank you Baby and I love you' "

He usually will come and hug and kiss me after that, this year will be the same and I wish something different next year. The dream and wish keep me going.

I really love to hear the world from my elder son's mouth since 2002. I used to enjoy celebrating my birthday, get together, cut the cake, have dinner, open presents that my sons give to me.

WJ understand our language and he seems to be able to follow all our verbal instructions or requests. However he is now going to turn 8 on 11 May 2008 and he is still Non Verbal.

As you can see, I don't really like celebrating birthday anymore except with my family alone. All birthday party has become just a family affair. No friends and relatives invited anymore.

And every year on 23 April I don't feel excited about my birthday rather i feel sad! So today I am pretty sad however I am still going to cut a cake, sing a song, open my present and may be repeating the same sentence to my son.

"It's OK baby"

"Happy Birthday Papa"

"There! Papa said it on your behalf"

"Papa Said 'Thank you Baby and I love you' "

Happy birthday dear Papa,

I say it with my heart silently

Verbally you hear only Ba Ba Ba

I know you understand completely

Papa today I will be good

Celebrating your birthday as a team

Papa today we can eat all the food

especially my favorite Ice Cream


Happy Birthday to you Shiok Guy, I really pray that your wishes come true. Be patient, i'm sure you will hear it from him one day. take care!

Wishing you Happy Birthday!!!
How's a nice and touching poem!! It's really touch my heart and feeling. Cos i have one 'BW' too. My husband always cheer me up with 'look forward' n 'he will be better'. So.....same words to you.

Hi Yong....alias Shiok Guy??? :D
So glad you are blogging/started to blog. It's a good avenue to express your thoughts honestly albeit getting addicted too!
As for myself, it's like a season, on and off blogging about WH. Yeah...almost 3-4 years! I have yet gone to see the exhibition but might do that either today or tomorrow...otherwise...errr.......I will have to look at the pictures. Happy Birthday to you dear friend and please never be sad. Maybe I can go and visit you and see your son one of these days? Would that be alright with you?

I sat at my office desk and read your birthday wish and poem....and tears started flowing....had to close the door in case someone walk in! ha ha was 5 when he said "mummy". so...just wait lah...

i knew that there are no one that could feel how you felt, but anyway, yang, you're a good daddy as well as mummy. that is why i wish you a happy mother's day.
yang, don't be sad. why? because your son needs you, they still with you and mostly they need your love there is no one that could confirm when he will call you daddy or papa but one thing is that day will sure come take good care of yourself especially your health, good luck and maybe the god bless you always. cheers

i just stumbled on this posting and it touched me so much, my eyes started to tear...

i hope one day soon Shiok Guy, your b'day wish will come true.

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