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Please sit down, Please be quiet!


The is what the speaker of 12th parliament can manage to say in the 6 minutes clip that I watched

Firstly I am very disappointed by what i have seen in the 12th parliament, and very disgusted by the performance of the speaker. I did not watch the whole 30 minutes of the live coverage, but the 6 minutes is enough for me.

PR MPs, we voted you in not for another arrogant act. Please don't pick on unrelated issues because this is just ways how the BN MPs trying to waste time so the PM does not have to answer question live on air.

If BN MPs throw abuse, kindly be a gentleman/woman and just ignore them. Let them make a fool of themselves, we can watch all of you guy on TV and we are not stupid. Cheap shot of calling name is a waste of time and insult to the voter intelligent, PERIOD!

If the BN MPs keep throwing abuses, ALL PR MPs please turn around and use your back as protest to the unparliamentary abuse.

Leader of PR component parties. Do something collectively when such abuse is coming your way, don't reactive verbally to it. We will watch the video later on and we can draw our own conclusion.

Can I suggest the follow when the BN MP is active unparliamentary and abusive: -

  • Have all PR MPs stand up and put on a headset over your ear and mask over the mouth. What it mean is that we are not listening to your abuse and unparliamentary act and we are not going to verbally talk back.
  • or just turn your back toward the speaker and BN MPs as a silent protest. But please don't display or using any name calling ever again!
We are not asking you to be silent, we want you to be persistent in all the issues without name calling. You can YELL and SHOUT, but NOT Name Calling.

Have fun and We will keep watching.

Can someone who have access to all the videos, upload to a new channel in youtube?

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