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PR4A Talk Show on TraxxFM

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Monday, 28 April 2008, despite the long and tiring Sunday because of the Art Exhibition "Artist with Autism 2008" following by the charity dinner stretches until midnight. Dr Hasnah Toran (Parent & PR4A Exco) and Mr KC Lim (Parent & PR4A President) appear in Traxx 101 of TraxxFM from 11am to 12pm.

I have divided the talk show into 4 parts, Namely: -

  1. PR4A on TraxxFM part 1
  2. PR4A on TraxxFM part 2
  3. PR4A on TraxxFM part 3
  4. PR4A on TraxxFM part 4

and you can watch it one by one here

PR4A on TraxxFM Part 1

PR4A on TraxxFM Part 2

PR4A on TraxxFM Part 3

PR4A on TraxxFM Part 4


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