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Slow and Good Driver? Really? [BJP237?]


Date: 25 April 2008

Time: 7:48am

Car: BJP 237? (The last digit was blur off, and you should know who you are)

Location: Not sure the exact name of the highway, near SYABAS building. Just before the turn off to Klang and also Kuala Selangor exit.

The car was traveling on turtle crawling speed on the outer lane of the highway. I estimate he was going at 60km/h at an 90km/h highway. The cars behind has to back up a long way back while trying to over him on the left lane.

Just about 10 meters or less at the exit to Klang after the SYABAS building, he just cut in from fast lane (third lane to the first lane and exit). OMG when I peeked into the car, it was driven by a driver with someone at the back. It seems like they both did not know what happen behind them. I belief the driver might not even check his back mirror while driving.


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