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OMG! This is for Wheelchair Access lah!

Both my sons are consider as OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) or Disable. They do not need wheelchair to help them to move around, however this sight in Seri Petaling make me feel sick.

How can the society be so heartless? We are not asking them to donate or give a hand to the disable or old age people on wheelchair. The least they can do is NOT TO CAUSE anymore inconvenience to those on the wheelchair.

What I am talking about? The next 2 pictures are taken in Seri Petaling, Jalan Radin Anum or Jalan Radin Tengah. The same row as 7-11 or Hong Leong Bank. Look at the pictures:

This one is at the corner of the road where the wheelchair bounded disable or elderly need to access to the shop houses. I think the shop is selling duck rice (Shall we Boycotting?) if I am not mistaken, and the unit number is 79. As you can see the darker colored part is suppose to be a ram for wheelchair access. They just simply " converted it to staircase!

This is along the same roll at unit 81 where a pub is. As you can see, part of the ram is still visible. What they did is simple make the whole place disable "Unfriendly"

How do you feel if you are one who are wheelchair bounded? I always belief what go around will come around.


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