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Whining WJ

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Last 3 days my son WJ has been whining non stop and he really driving me crazy. He can keep going to pee every one minute or so. Even where it is just a few drops of urine coming out.

Going to school this morning and the teacher asked me to bring him back. So today is totally stressed up and drive me nut day.

We went to a medical checkup this morning, the urine and others turned out to be normal. The doctor advise me to just ignore him. How can I ignore constant whining? If I ignore him he will come to me and drag me to the toilet. He will pull down his pant and ask me to help to put it back. Can you imagine help him to put on his pant once every 2 minutes or so. DRIVE ME NUT!

Last Saturday was their school sport day, may the whole sport days events trigger something inside him.

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