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Autism Awareness Month


April 2 is International Autism Day and The month of April is Autism Awareness Month.

Do you know what is Autism?

Do you know where you can help someone suffering from Autism?

Do you know anyone who might be suffering from autism? Do contact the above 2 organization and society for help.

The graphic is contributed by Design By Cher

Here's hoping that PRAM & NASOM will be successful in lobbying for more support in getting more assistance for all those suffering from autism in Malaysia, to reach the standard as found in Australia & USA if possible.

Begin with awareness &
Follow up with action.

With Best Wishes!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Fri. 4th April 2008.

Dear Samuel,

Thank for dropping by and really appreciate it.

Since this April is Autism Awareness Month, kindly carry the ribbon on your site and link them to and also my blog.

Kindly help to promote the awareness about autistic kids.

God Blessed.

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