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Proportional Representation

"Proportional representation (sometimes referred to as full representation, or PR), is a category of electoral formula aiming at a close match between the percentage of votes that groups of candidates (grouped by a certain measure) obtain in elections and the percentage of seats they receive (usually in legislative assemblies). PR is a democratic principle rather than an electoral system in itself. It is often contrasted to plurality voting systems, where disproportional seat distribution results from the division of voters into multiple electoral districts, especially "winner takes all" plurality ("first past the post" or FPTP) districts." (Wikipedia)

"Proportional Representation (PR) is the principle behind a number of electoral systems, all of which attempt to ensure that the outcome of the election reflects the proportion of support gained by each competing group.

PR contrasts to the Majoritarian principle, in which whichever party or candidate obtains a plurality of votes within any given constituency wins that contest outright. Majoritarianism is the principle that underpins the First-Past-The-Post system that is used for elections to the House of Commons, along with other systems including alternative vote, bloc vote and various single member constituency systems." (
Malaysia might not be ready to have Proportional Representation on the parties level, but I think we should start championing Proportional Representation on electorate level. Each MP should represent a number of Rakyat's Voice, NOT based on the area of land he or she represents. Since the Rakyat are the one who vote for the MP, not the square foot of land. The land has no voting right nor ability.

Based on an estimate population of 27 million and 222 MPs, each MP should represents not more than 125,000 Rakyat. Since we have only estimate 11 million eligible voter, hence each electorate should has not more than 50,000 voters.

The main excuse by certain parties about the above is that, some MP might have to cover a large area in order to serve 50,000 voters. Remember! MP suppose to be the voice of the Rakyat in the house. Not to solve the drainage and public utilities of the electorate. That's the job of the local council which should be elected every 2 years by the LOCAL!

Remember! MP and Local Council's job specification are totally different, we the Rakyat should not call our MP for Drainage and Public Utilities issues. Remember one Drainage MP from PJ has been voted out in 8 March 2008?

Pakatan Rakyat should start championing Proportional Representation since both of you are refer to as PR!


Maybe u should stop calling Mr. Raja Petra as 'YM' to save him some embarrassment ... If you don't know what is happening, try here

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