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Real Life Malaysian Inflation Rate

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I was in one of the hypermarket yesterday looking for a bargain, hence I was wondering around the "Promosi" area. Since I am looking for rice, this picture attracted my attention.

Under special promotion the 10K Dragon Fragrant Rice cost RM42.50. I just wonder what is the price if it is non promotional price.

I remember vividly that its cost around RM29.90 to 31.99 around this time last year. Just based on this product, let see what is the inflation of Malaysia for 1 years since May 2007 - May 2008. Taking 31.99 as the price last year and 42.50 as the price now. I am not an economist, so how do you calculate inflation rate?

My inflation formula (if I am wrong please kindly correct me in the comment section) : -

Inflation = ((42.5-31.99) / 31.99 ) x 100 = 32.85%

Oh my gosh! 32% inflation rate? No wonder the money in my pocket is getting me less and less. I need to find SOME part time jobs to supplement my income, can someone help me out?

Malaysia Inflation Index from IndexMundi here

The official data is less than 4% per year for last 4 years, oh really now? Dear online Shioker (Those who visit and read posting in this blog is called Shioker) please do a comparison on food stuff from your area, and post your finding in comment section if you like.

Hello, I blogged about your blog. Sorry for comparing you with the other guy. I am sure you would be understanding that I had to stoop to his level.

feel free to tag me. cheers =)

Rate of inflation should be up 21% by now.

Inflation should go up to 35% by November 2008.

Components used in consumer price index is absurd & ridiculous.

Malaysia for Malaysians.


Have you guys seen the dutch lady milk? Use to be 3.60 in Tesco now 5.20. Really makes me wonder who the pea-brain compiled the figures for the inflaction rate. It shouldn't be controlled items only but based on normal day to day items.

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