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Tun Dr Ismail & NEP

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Just finish reading the book call The Reluctant Politician, Tun Dr Ismail and His Time.

This book actually help me to understand the time before independent and also post independent politic scene of Malaysia. How the Alliance come about and so on.
Also on Tun Dr Ismail view of NEP, and may I quote some lines from the book here

The following speech is on the occasion of Tun been awarded the honorary doctorate by USM on 9 June 1973.

"The application of the New Economic Policy [...] will change from time to time to suit the situation and the circumstances and the geographical setting. But its aims and its fundamentals are the same that is to close the gap between the rural and the urban, to destroy poverty without regard to background or race" [Page 266, Letters 9 June 1973]

Sadly in my personal opinion, we did not really fulfill its aims and fundamentals fully. I was a poor lad studied in a small kampung deep in the jungle of Sarawak. I wasn't offer the financial aids or whatsoever to further improve my situation. I have to worked my way out in order to fulfill my dream to be an engineer, and hence affected my siblings chances to get a better education.

Poverty does not discriminate again any race, the only different is how one struggle to improve their situation. When help is not available, one has just to work hard and smart to survive.

I don't want my next generation to just "Survive" like what had happened to me before. I would like to see all Malaysian be given equal opportunity.


Good on you for bringing out this interesting quote. I am surprised that Tun Ismail had made such a statement, because all these years, the NEP has been about race and racial politics. Perhaps it is just another evidence of politicians saying one thing to one audience and doing something else.
May the Lord bless you and your family.

Dear WC,

According to the book and also some account by others. Tun Dr Ismail is a fair and straight gentleman.

If possible you should get a copy and read about it..

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