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May 13 Experience

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Librarian "Sorry you are not allowed to take this out of the library"

Me "Why not? This is not Course Text Book and it should not be restricted"

Librarian "This is the only copy left from a total of 15, so it becomes restricted copy"

Me "What happen to the other 14 copies?"

Librarian "The student who borrowed them tend to lost it and pay the fine"

Me "Really? Why such a coincident? Only happen to this book?"

Librarian "Apparently. Those students who lost the book are all Malaysian student"

Me "You must be kidding, right?"

Librarian "No mate!"

The book that I was trying to borrow was Malaysia: Death of a Democracy by John Slimming. I was merely searching the library system for any book related to Malaysia because I missed home so much and this book caught my attention.

When I was by passed for a chance to studied in Tanjung College in Miri even when I was the top student in SMK Long Lama, no one tried to explain to me why! My headmaster then just said that "You will understand why in the future, now just try your best doing Form 4 and Form 5 here"

In my science lab for my Form 4 and 5, we don't have test tube, beaker and all those apparatus needed. The teacher just told us what is the result of the chemical reaction.

When I was not offer the course that I want to do in Local University, I opted to go to New Zealand. Even when my family cannot afford to pay for my study. I work non-stop to support myself, applied for all the scholarships even when they are not mean for foreign student and more.

I was sadden when a friend of mine who was a Malaysian Government sponsored student who complained of lack of money to buy a car. He stayed within the University compound and living in Residential Hall where meal and accommodation are fully taking care off. While I have to live in a garage and cycled 10Km or more to University every morning. Winter is the time where i suffered a lot of bruises because of icy road.

Going back to the point above, My first May 13 experience is purely based on the book by John Slimming and recently by The Reluctant Politician: Tun Dr Ismail and His Time by Ooi Kee Beng. The Librarian told me that I can place an order for the book if I would like to keep it. I did not buy it because I was death poor and having hard time to even have 3 meals a day. The conspiracy theory about the missing book in Canterbury University Library is that Malaysian Student was taking out the book so other cannot read the ugly account for May 13, 1969. Anyway I am just happy to read the only copy left in the library and get to know May 13.

I agree with YB Jeff Ooi that we should put this behind us. RIP May 13! Jeff has a lot of links to different resource on the topic of May 13, 1969.

ah, perhaps its just that malaysians students can't get a copy elsewhere so they result to "get it" in the ost convenient placE?

I know your pain dude. I have experienced it as well last time. And theres a friend, who have 2 years course study only bring the 1st year study fees given by his dad and during the summer, working on 3 different kind of jobs everyday just to collect some money for the next final year fees. I know. I'm in that situation as well before. It will strengthen you and me and my friend in the future.

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