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Abolish Road Tax


Today The Star online reported that the road tax will be abolished eventually.

Plan to abolish road tax eventually
PETALING JAYA: Road tax will be reduced gradually and abolished. Transport Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat said the ministry was studying the possibility of abolishing road tax. “I will bring the issue to the Cabinet, and if they agree, private vehicles will be the first to benefit,” he said. Ong said the rebates given out in lieu of the fuel price increase was not enough to ease the people’s burden in the long term..... The Star
Why not just abolished it now for all! I have blogged about it yesterday here. Rather than gradually, it should be just abolished to ease the burden in the people after the fuel price hike.

I did a small audit of my weekly and monthly expenses lately and the impact on the fuel hike on my pocket is 30% more. Everything is going up except our life style, quality of life is very much affected now and we become more depressed.


Damn BN, tsunami II coming soon! PR will rule!

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