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No More Syabas!


State wants back concessions

SHAH ALAM: The state government wants to “buy back” and restructure the four concessionaires involved in producing and distributing water because of inefficient delivery of services.

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said that among the reasons for the privatisation of the state's water resources was to reduce cost and bureaucracy while increasing the efficiency of services and benefits to consumers.

He noted that the concessionaires had to be offered profits to attract them to undertake the projects but questions arose when some of them made hefty profits while the people got little in return in terms of benefits. The Star

What is the point of giving all this concession out to burden the people and benefit a few? Syabas has put up a lot of MONEY WASTING billboard around KL and Selangor, what is it for? They are given a MONEY PRINTING monopoly, what is the need to advertise? My previous posting here & here and I found this on NKVE from Klang to Damansara.

Dear Selangor MB, please do what is right and kick the ass of those in Syabas.

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