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(Reuters) - Malaysians have turned to the Internet to vent their anger at one of the biggest hikes in fuel prices, and some are using it to rally support against the measure in a country with tight restrictions on street protests.

Without Prejudice

I am not a political and legal adviser of the PM at this moment, but if he is willing to listen then may be I will offer my service.

Malaysian are protesting the fuel price hike from A to Z silently. They protested silently not because they are quiet lot but because the media and the law does not allow them to voice their frustration openly. To be fair we know that the fuel price hide is just a matter of time and we the Malaysian has expected it coming soon or later.

Just that the quantum is killing us suddenly, it would be better to increase it 20 cents for every month until it reaches RM1.00. That will still killed us but softly. The impact politically and emotionally on the people will be less (desensitized: borrow the term from your minister)

The following is a suggestion for the upcoming July 12 protest for fuel price hike: -

1. Allow it to happen openly, announce it on all medias

2. Ask the police, FRU and even the army to help coordinate the event

3. Make the July 12 event a GREEN DAY!

4. Make all BUS and LRT Free of Charge every year on GREEN DAY!

5. Attend one of the protest and cry your heart out.

Dear PM, I belief the above will make you a very popular and win back the heart of the people. We Malaysian are a very forgiving lots and we do understand the need to increase the pump price, really We Do! Just let us have a GREEN DAY, Let us vent our frustration and we will feel better after that. Promise!

If you need more On The Ground advise, please don't hesitate to contact me.


The Shiok Guy

P/S: If you don't like the idea of July 12 since it is Opposition initiative, do bring it forward to earlier date!


The Federal Government raised the price of fuel on 5th of June to the chagrin of many folks in the country. I guess they must be fed up with people complaining endlessly about not having a level playing field and have finally decided that they have had enough of the whinings about subsidies going to the wrong folks, making the rich richer and nothing trickling down to the poor. And on top of this, with rising crude oil prices, not only in Malaysia but everywhere, governments all over the world just cannot shoulder the responsibility of subsidized gasoline anymore.

Unlike the United States where prices are passed on to consumers very quickly, countries such as Malaysia, have protected their citizens by absorbing the cost. But, with crude oil prices rising at such an alarming rate, governments everywhere just cannot absorb the cost, without going bankrupt.

The opposition parties are staging nationwide protests against the government for raising gas prices. The MPs of Pakatan Rakyat have finally found a cause that most people not only in Malaysia but around the world can empathize with. And Anwar Ibrahim has finally peeped out of his closet to speak! Yes! He does not have laryngitis! He has finally latched on to a cause to rally the crowd with. Whoopie!

What I find most amusing is MPs from the opposition such as Teresa Kok demonstrating near the Jln Pasar market, where the most affected would be. A place where you will find most of the crimes one can think of, in spite of DAP being there forever to protect and take care of the needs of the people there. A place where there is an abundance of illegal immigrants and thanks to the government doing away with subsidies, will see these free loaders willingly and voluntarily return to their home countries due to rising costs. Praise the Lord!

Yes Siree! She didn’t go to her constituents at Seputeh. And why the hell not? Well, those folks are rich and are not going to be carrying flags and marching on the streets, to be sprayed by water canons and roughed up by the police. Oh no! they would rather watch the fun from the comforts of their own homes. Probably with glasses of beer and snacks, they will watch the events unfold, or read from the press or go see gory bloody pictures at blog sites.

The opposition knows very well that not all Malaysians are in for the ride that the opposition is inciting about. Oh! And I shall henceforth be referring to the Pakatan folks appropriately as, “The opposition” and rightfully so, if I may add. These Pipe Pipers on the streets do not behave like MPs, they behave like they are still an opposing team. They behave like they are still running for elections. No matter what the government says, they will oppose. Even if it's for their own good, they will oppose!

They have been elected to state governments, but I guess they are still in that opposition fog and still do not know nor do they understand their position as governing bodies and more importantly, how to ease themselves into positions of command and authority. One thing for sure, these guys are without a doubt, street smart but sad to say, not elite smart

Just look at the anti-US beef protest in Korea. 100,000 turned up in Seoul!!

Make it bigger than the Bersih campaign. If the government doesn't listen to the people, someone has to tell them to wake up!

More blogs to show our dissent!

While a number of sovereign petroleum companies are public listed such as Petro China, SinoPec, Petrobras and so on besides the oil majors such as Shell and Exxon Mobil so it is difficult for Malaysians to understand the lack of transparency.

While everyone is focusing on the 78 sen increase of petrol price, we will soon get used to it. What is difficult to understand is the sad state of our transportation system with its 14 interested ministries and agencies who can’t get their act together. The recent expose by Malay Mail on the state of affairs at KTM and double tracking highlights the tidak-apa attitude of most government institutions. The fact that when KTM Kommuter was in full service, 62 trains carried over 300,000 passengers a day while today about 30 trains service 100,000 passengers shows that KTM has no shame and the PM does not understand that even if we wish to use public transportation, it can’t even be an option with the packed trains at rush hour.

The grand idea of having all trains connecting at KL Sentral is still a dream as Star does not terminate its lines there and the Monorail is a Mickey Mouse showcase as the number of coaches per trip is not even enough to be called a transportation system.

The billions of ringgit wasted due to corruption and wastage is mind boggling and that does not even include those “stolen” from Petronas. And the PM and Cabinet has the cheek to ask Malaysians to change our lifestyle. We can’t even if we want to when so many pieces of the transportation puzzle is not in place.


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