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Home Based Jobs

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Dear Shiokers

I am looking for some home based job where I can help to supplement my household income. With the fuel price hike and the snow ball effect on other goods and services. I really need something to help to pay for my bills. I have 2 special sons (Both having different degree of Autism). Do click about me in the main menu to learn what Autism is all about.

I prefer a home based job or business where I can carry our while my sons are in bed from 930pm. It has to be legal because I cannot afford to go to jail else no one will help to care for my sons. I cannot leave the house so please don't ask me to walk the street of Chow Kit Road in Kuala Lumpur. I am either too old or too ugly for the job :P

What I can do: -

I can sell, website design, software development and thing related to Autism and more...

Any suggestions please post them in the comment section of this blog.

Thank a million!


So often life is a trade off between making money you need at the sacrifice of the flexibility and time you want, to live your life to the fullest.

The business opportunity I am introducing is an alternative that puts you in control, allowing you the flexibility to work when you want, the time for family and friends, and the income you dream of.

The opportunity works in two ways.

Giving you the chance to build your own business while at the same time helping other people do the same.

This business opportunity adapts easily to your needs and ambitions and grows with them.

You can run your business to be your main source of earnings, or fit it around your current job to provide an additional income.

Whatever you decide, we will offer you the training and personal support that's right for you. It's your decision. You choose.

contact me -

hello shyiok dude...what about u trying ....i think they do have what ur looking for.


Hello Mr. Syiok,

I would suggest (for internet user only), why don't we make money from Clickbank. You can generate unlimited income cause the commission is between 50-75%, very high beb! For further details, please check my new blog:

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