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PSD Scholarship

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Just read about recent decision to increase the PSD Scholarship to 45% for Non Bumiputra, Malaysia Today has the following quote

"It is getting clearer by the day that this 45% scholarship proposal for non-bumis (read immigrants) is a carefully planned stage-play. The protagonists who have thus far emerged are UMNO, PSD and the so-called champions, protectors and defenders of Malay rights, namely ABIM and GPMS."

My niece by the name of LSN who is a very bright student from Penang studied at one of the top school in BM. She managed 11A for her Form 5 public exam, and I know that she does not have much tuition except for Bahasa Malaysia.

She lost her mother when she was merely months old due to a car accident, despite all the events unfolded in her life she managed to be the top student. She wants to further her study in medicine abroad, we all know why she wants to do that since our local University has slide down the Quality Slope since 1970.

She was shortlisted for PSD Scholarship but finally only offered to do a Matriculation in the state of Perak. She is very sad because she cannot go abroad to fulfill her dream . I have advised her to take up the offer by Singapore and move there since Singapore University are of world class standard, but she does not want to be a SINGAPOREAN!

She want to be a Malaysian, but Malaysia let her down

The 45% increase of PSD Scholarship to Non Bumiputra does not increase her chance of getting a PSD scholarship to go abroad. May be it is a Red Herring after all, just a political stage play. I wept for her, she should not be so Patriotic since the country let her down!

I am a Malaysian Chinese working in Singapore. As much as I appreciate your niece's plight and you taking the trouble to broadcast your impassioned plea to highlight her predicament, as a prerequisite to an intelligent discourse on the political situation in Malaysia, attention to facts is of paramount importance. One does not need to take up a Singaporean citizenship to compete for a scholarship. That is a fact. The amount of deserving non-Singaporeans that are still citizens of other Asean countries bear testimonies to that. As far as I know the requirement is that the scholar has to be bonded to the organisation that is funding his/her studies for a period of time after graduation. Whilst I understand that emotion is an inevitable part of discussion of such nature, attention to correct facts is just as vital. All of us harbour hope that meritocracy will prevail one day in our homeland but until then relentless pressure has to be heaped on the powers that be to let them realise that it would only be for the good of the country in the long-run if the most deserving recipients get the rewards on merit and not race.

Thank you for correcting the fact.
So the scholar shall be bonded for a period of time instead of taking up the citizenship of Singapore.

Thank for the clarification!

Shiok Guy

Dear Shiok Guy,

I am a proud Malaysian. But when it comes to making life changing decisions, one must be wise and not emotional.

I do agree with your sentiments. And seriously, I urge your niece to take up the best offer from anywhere in the World, so long her safety is not in jeapordy.

You see, it is better that she be the best in the World at what she does, even if it means having to be Singaporean. Because, when she IS indeed the best, she may still return to work in Malaysia and that can only be good for Malaysia. But if she settles for second best, she will not be as "valuable".

The World is our oysters. Our forefather came to Tanah Melayu in search for a better future for their offsprings. It is a legacy that do not be a shamed on continuing. It's in our DNA. I dare say it is our heritage!

If our forefathers could leave China behind, the land of their everything, we should not have any problems leaving Malaysia. Especially when better opportunities knock on our door.

Don't get me wrong, I am tring to fan unpatriotic sentiments. I am just a realist. I myself have been well treated by Malaysia. But I know others are not so lucky. And I just hate seeing talent going to waste.

It's a shame. It's Malaysia shame. But make sure you don't carry the burden.


Hi, I'm a Malaysian Malay working and living in the UK. Sorry to hear about your niece and just to let you know that until today I still have to pay for my study loan which I had applied in 1994 and to stress my point, although I'm a Malay or a Bumi (which directly translated means Earthling) did not receive any scholarship from my racist Government. I personally think, the scholarship things are only meant for Bumis is only a myth or a legend and how come a pure Malay like me who does not has any Chinese background like Pak Lah did not receive any scholarship? Due to financial restrictions, I had to study in a local university which is UKM (one of the local universities which is going downhill in terms of rating) and to make things worst, after graduating from UKM, some private companies did not want to take me in just because I'm a local graduate and I do not speak Mandarin. Sometimes I wonder, after 50 years of independance, does Mandarin is Malaysia's national language? I personally think, you should force your niece to study in Singapore and probably they'll teach her in Mandarin. Today, after learning that the price of petrol in Malaysia will hike up to RM2.70, I just wanna laugh at Malaysia. I would like to sum up, from a point of view of a Malay like me, I think Malaysia is simply a racist country and Malaysians as a whole are racist too reagardless whether they are Malays, Chinese, Indian, pretenders (those non Malays claimed to be Malays or Bumis like Pak Lah, Eusoff Chong, Mahathir, Khir Toyo and the list goes on..) and whatever race. The only good thing about Malaysia is only the food and I believe your niece does not willing to take up Singaporean citizenship is probably that she cannot resist the Malaysian's delicacies. By the way, I got my job here in the UK with only using my UKM degree and I'll be going off to Australia by end of this year also with that 'going downhill uni' degree. Australia is another racist country and they also has a Bumis policy called 'White Australian Policy' and they used to have 'Chinaman hunt' which is similar to our 'Peristiwa 13 Mei'. I don't careless whether the Ozies are racist or not as long as they willing to pay me AUS125k plus superanulation a year.

Anon 2

Sorry have to refer to you as Anon2. For those who choose to comment as Anonymous, kindly choose a nickname so we can refer to you as Name :P

As you can see, you can do well when you are on your own feet without the clutches. I belief we human are all the same, we can do well when we are faced with situation.

In modern time, not one will look at your University Degree to hire a key staff, may be for junior staff when they just graduated. We will be hired based on our abilities and track records.

Everywhere in the world we have racist, in Malaysia Racist Discrimination come after us. Think about it, right?

The requirement for Mandarin is not an racist decision, but a requirement for certain race is! If my business is to deal with alot of dealing with Russian then the requirement to speak Russian is needed for the job.

I am glad you are doing well, do come back home and make our beloved country a better place for our next generation to come. I love Malaysia and I belief you are too.

Nice to know you here and love to be your friend. May be when you are back here, we can join political party to make Malaysia a better place.

You are one of the Many Many Many Malaysian (malay) who can have gone through it. Let join hand brothers and sisters, and we can make Malaysia Better.

Shiok Guy

well, malaysia is a really racist country. I am wonder, why others appreciating our children by providing all types of scholarship but not our government. Why we different ourselves with bumi non-bumi. isn't we are all malaysian?

I am fortunately to work with an mnc, that based in Hong Kong. In this company, we have all type of races but we do not face any racist issues.

we do have a regional office in singapore, the amusing part is, all our staff are malaysian. this clearly show that, as long as we are hard working, we can do well, not matter chinese or malay.

To shiok guy, ur niece should take up the offer. go for the best and we can still contribute to our belove country at later stage. we need more intelligent ppl to change this country.

FYI - in case your niece is interested

It's not Malaysia who let your niece down - it's the Malaysian government. She's smart enough to make that distinction and this is what I also believe. We have a great country, it's BN and its racist, hidebound bureaucracy that's keeping us down.

If she's that smart and if her English is decent, maybe she can try for a scholarship at a private uni in the USA, which is what I and my sister got (and our parents before us). It sounds amazing, but a lot of private unis/colleges in the US will give very generous scholarships to international students, and there is no bond whatsoever unlike the Singaporean gov't scholarships.

I have lived in the US for a total of over 8 years out of the 25 years of my life and I'm STILL planning to go back to Malaysia after finishing graduate unlike some kids who got PSD scholarships to come here and are legally obligated to go back but are "ponteng-ing" their bonds, I haven't been seduced away yet.

Ask your niece if she's interested and you can contact me by posting a comment on my blog.

Hey Shiok, listen to this.
My son from Chung Ling scored 12As, given Asean Scholarship... scored 6As in Cambridge A-level... with a formidable and impressive extra-curricular portfolio, but was not offered a place in Medicine by NUS. The Dean told me in response to my earnest appeal... 2000plus put Medicine as first choice, 801 were shortlisted for test and interview... and ONLY 250 places are available... and NOT ONE MORE. And very limited places are available for FOREIGNERS, and my son is a foreigner there... and a pendatang here!

And without money, my boy has decided to move on with life - taking what was offered - Law/Life Science (double degree 5 years course)with the scholarship.

Scholarships in the US are extremely hard to come by now. My son scored perfect score in the SAT, the colleges he applied to in the US could not offer him a place at all.


so sad here, where other countries are hunting for our best brains, we are draining them away.

i love this country, and i hope this country loves me and my children beyond my color , my race and my religion

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