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Hardworking Traffic Cop

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In the past few days, I have noticed that the traffic cop (White uniform) been very hardworking around the Sri Acmar School compound in Klang. They usually come around 330pm to issue tickets for some traffic offenders.

For you information the school dismissed at 330pm everyday except Friday. Why are you coming at this time? Issue ticket for those double parked along the road? The parents have no choice but double parked since the school compound is not big enough for all those cars to move in and out. Do you dare to issue tickets around mosque compound for double parking during Friday prayer time?

I am not saying people can break the traffic law just because there are not enough parking bays or in the rush! But Hey! Why not you help directing traffic everyday at 320pm - 400pm?

Your job is to serve, not to ambush! I will keep taking picture of all those cars that you stopped and do an audit on how many REAL tickets you have issued. Did you issue any? or just..... settled?  Just my calculative guess, if you are not a corrupted one, please accept my sincere apology. But if you are, shamed on you doing this around the school compound.

Do you know what the kids' say in the school?

"Police Cari Makan, Makan Kopi! No Shame!"


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