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Funny Face (鬼脸)

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I am so sick of all the SD here and SD there, while waiting for the truth to come out if ever it will come out! I decided to take a break on reading blog and blogging.

Wednesday morning, my elder son WJ responded to my funny face. He found it so funny that he keep giggling and runaway from me. Usually waking up in the morning is like a battle zone where I have to drag him off the bed then into the washroom.

But on Wednesday (9 July 2008) he responded to my funny face (鬼脸) and started making one himself. Coming from a boy having autism, this is the best Good Morning Present that I am looking for. The important thing is that he is imitating me! Which is very cool indeed. I am so so Happy!

The day before on Tuesday, he had 2 big bowls of Sarawak Curry Chicken. What is Sarawak Curry Chicken? It is a secret recipe! May be it is the Sarawak Curry Chicken! May be!


Wow!! Congratulation, what a great Good Morning Present you have. I'm still waiting for mine.....

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