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Have you seen Siafu's Police Report?

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I was watching the Press Conference Video posted by Malaysiakini in YouTube. Do fast forward to the following segment and draw your own conclusion: -

  • 6:30 - 7:15 About whether he the lawyer has seen the REPORT! Listen carefully what the lawyer said. If I did not hear wrong, Saifu does not have a copy of the report?
  • 7:30 - 8:00 What is this name call "Uncle Pet"? Pet? Whose pet? Look at how uncle pet talks and his outlook and how he move and more, what is your conclusion? BTW I would like to comment that he is so religious.. 
  • 8:08 - 8:20 Jump into conclusion about criminal trial? How does he know so fast? He tried to cover back but the reporter asked him and caught him on tape. 
  • 8:21 - 8:50 Watch Uncle Pet in action, I really like the gentle motion of flipping his hair. Look so... Anyway listen to his gentle "it ok..."
Watch and Enjoy, leave your comment!...


yes, uncle pet is an 'interesting' character indeed. I know what you mean!

this stupid lawyer is totally unimpressive. he's fkg artificial..and he's struggling to deal with the press.

and uncle 'pet'... there say that every face tells a story. and watch his body language,too.

he looks kinda gay. another bolehland episode to tell our grandkids.

OMG - the lawyer was talking out from his ass, and it's also very obvious why the father didn't show up, in an hour like this to 'stand-up' for his son...

All the body language says how unprepared the lawyer is, and how much he is willing to lie about the whole truth. I wansn't convinced, are you?

As for Unkle Pet, WAKAKAKKAKA what can i say? Where did they find this gay mat rempit?

Cant everyone see how this ****** lawyer screwed up and sub-consciously told the public that even the Bloodiful does not have a report? What a load of rubbish

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