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DSAI is an Alien from Outer Space

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Do you think DSAI is an Alien from Outer Space? Does he look like one? Does he behave like one?

Well at least this is what our beloved government official and Minister think. Why do we need to do another DNA profile for DSAI? The Police or whoever should have the record 10 years ago? Is it lost?

I quote the following article from Gene Match..

DNA Profiling

GeneMatch can provide you with a permanent genetic ID through its DNA profiling service. A person’s DNA profile never changes, and keeping your DNA profile on record may prove to be useful in some unexpected situations: 
For future DNA testing, such as a paternity test, in case it is required to protect your estate from illegitimate claims
To aid in identifying missing persons
To have a record for those working in high-risk situations, in case their remains ever need to be identified
Your genetic profile will consist of 16 different DNA markers—specific portions of DNA useful for human identification. Each marker is present as 2 copies, called alleles, which may have different sizes. The combination of sizes for the 16 pairs of alleles is unique for every individual and does not change over time, creating a permanent genetic ID. In our DNA profiling service, 13 of the markers we use are the CODIS markers used as a worldwide standard.

Also please refer to Human Genome Project

Unless DSAI is an alien from outer space, or else he will be just like you and me. Our DNA profiling does not change during our life time.


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