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Permatang Pauh Voter: AFVL

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Dear Permatang Pauh Voters,

For last 50 years, the politician in power always hang a carrot in front of our nose and said
"I promise to deliver this once I am elected"
However we all know better, most of the promises become just a promise until the next general election or by election. So for next 50 years and beyond we want the politician in power to say
"I have delivered this and that, so let me served you again"
Is this too much to ask for AFVL?

"Action First Vote Later"

We also should look at the bigger picture in the national level, not just for mere local development. If you drive along the kampung road in Ulu Baram, Sarawak. You will come across well tarred road with all the white line and yellow line painted. But the length of this well tarred road is exactly equal to the length of the long house. I used to ask those people in the long house, why only a small segment of the road is tarred? The answer is
"At least we have less dust when you drive pass"
They vote for those who can help them to have less dust since they do not have a car anyway! So stop looking at mere local issue and we have to grow up to look beyond. Our next generation of Anak Malaysia,
"In Butterworth, Umno Youth executive council member Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said voters in Permatang Pauh must decide whether they want someone who understands the local situation or a leader who aspires to go national."
Once again, can you see my point? Politician want us to look at a mere small picture rather than the whole country as a whole. Let the local council worry about the local issue, an MP should be looking at whole country affair as a whole.

I link Benny's Malaysian Cartoons to show that we need AFVL in Permatang Puah


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