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Saiful sodomized on 26 August? On By-election day?


Watch the video and read the body language and judge for yourself what Mr Saiful is trying to say, pay attention to 0:02-0.010 segment of the video. Initially he mentioned that he was sodomized on 26 August 2008 before clearing his throat and mentioned 26 June 2008. Any traumatic date and time will permanently imprint in human mind unless we choose to forget or it did not happen at all. Only you know better I suppose. Right Saiful?

The following are news segment carried by The Star Online and Bernama and my comments

Reporters then bombarded Saiful with questions.
On why he only came forward to swear one day before the nomination for the Permatang Pauh by-election where Anwar is standing as a candidate for PKR, he said he needed time to gather his strength because the swearing was something sacred and the consequences severe.

“It has nothing to with politics. It is between Anwar and me,” he said.

Asked whether this was the first time he was sodomised, Saiful said: “Yes, it was

Reporters: Do you love Anwar?

Saiful: “No.”

Reporters: Are you straight?

Saiful: “Yes.”
Dear Saiful, in Chinese Culture we don't encourage swearing of any sort. Even the casual "I swear" without using the Almighty as a witness is not encouraged. The reason is that the consequences of swearing will befall on our families and next generations to come.

I am not a fan of swearing either, however this may be your Culture Belief and Practice to swear to proof your innocent or proof that you are telling the truth. I respect that! However why now? You said the timing is just coincident and you need strength because swearing is something scared and the consequences severe. I also belief it is scared and consequences are severe, that's why I was brought up to never swear whenever I like.

BUT! If you are telling the truth then what consequences are you worrying about?

When ask whether it is your first time you have been sodomized, your answer is "Yes, it was". I do hope you meant it was the first and the only time you were sodomized. How many times have you been sodomized by DSAI? I remember reading it somewhere that it has been a few time since then.

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