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Najib as PM? Sorry No Way!


With the current just concluded KT (P036) By-Election, Najib simply has no credibility to be the next PM! The By-Election is an acid test for his PM-ship and with all the Money, Promises, Media and more... Pas still manages to have a majority of 2631.. Just imagine without so call postal vote, phantom voters and others.. What will be the majority? 7000? 10000? I am not surprise if it crosses the 10,000 marks.

Now Najib should just take the voice of the people, please just Resign. If you dare to show that you can do better, resign as MP for Pekan and trigger a By-Election! We the rakyat will petition the RO to allow you to contest even when you Resign! Do you have the BALL to do that? Dare you take the challenge?

Najib should not step into the PM-ship without getting a sounding approval from Malaysian. Today KT By-Election shown that we simply do not want you as PM! Period!

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We all know that he will not have the guts to call for a by election in Pekan. He nearly lost his undies during the previous election, and only managed to pull through with a sleigh of hands.

I think, as far as the rakyat of Malaysia is concerned, he will be a lame duck PM when he ascent the premiership chair. A temporary and pretender claim to the throne until the next big wave.

Hey Buddy,

Asking DPM to resign will only increase the ruling’s strength…..

The art of war is to know your enemy… ie: their strength * weaknesses

Since, it’s a good thing for PKR, it would serve best if he was to continue with the abuse in power, cronyism, bribery, corruption practice and so forth

Perhaps this is the best that can happen to PKR right now!

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