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Abdullah's Empire Strike Back!


The current PM, Mr. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should be a smiling and happy man! This is not because Pas has won KT with increase majority; Not because he is going to step down come March 2009. He is a smiling and happy man because it is time for "Abdullah's Empire Strike Back"

With Pas wins with increase majority plus also taken Bandar which most of the chinese voter comes from. It shows that Najib is doomed as next PM, and the issue of Islamic Hudud Law is not an issue. It shows personal attack by Ezam does not go down well with the voters. The voters have matured alot since March 8, 2008.

Abdullah Strike Back! This will begin from this very moment in the Abdullah camp! more dirty will be coming out from the media about Najib soon! Watch this space for Abdullah's Empire Strike Back!



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