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2 Weeks Fasting for Perak Election Fund!

Read about the chaotic political situation in Perak, and I hope the MB will seek Tuanku’s consent to dissolve the Perak State Assembly so that fresh state elections can be held?

This is what RPK has written in his latest THE CORRIDORS OF POWER title Santa Claus is coming to town

According to RPK, PR will need RM30 Million to finance the fresh election in Perak, I can afford and willing to contribute RM100 for the fund to bring down BN and hence Najib in Perak and the whole Malaysia. Once BN collapse in Perak, the MP especially from UMNO will start JUMPING. This is investment for the future of our children, Malaysian Children!

How Many of Malaysia do we need for RM100 each? RM30 Million / RM100 = 300,000. But then RPK has pledge RM30K, so we actually need alot less Malaysian to come forward.

I am a father of 2 boys who suffer from autism Read more here and the cost of Therapies and Treatment has drained if not already empty my war chest against autism. So how can I contribute my Perak War Chest Fund? I am going to fast for 2 weeks during lunch and dinner. Only take breakfast for 2 weeks and skip Lunch and Dinner, hmmm this will help me to lose some weight.. Calling all who want to lose some weight to join me lah! My economic "mixed rice" lunch and dinner (rice plus 2 veg) amount to RM7.00 without drink (skip my tea ice also lah) RM7x14 =RM98. You see after fasting for 2 weeks I will have RM100 to contribute to the Perak War Chest Fund! and might just lost a few KG of FAT!

Let lost some Weight and FUND the future of Malaysia!


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Some ideas to save $$ and contribute to Perak Election Fund
  1. On diet - To lost weight
  2. Stop Smoking - Healthy
  3. Lailong Ping Pong, Wife and Son - Wei!! NO LAH!
  4. Lunch Money
  5. Dinner Money
  6. Beer Drinking Money

great idea. I would do that if there is a by election or full state election at Perak

I wish to lost about 2kg. or more!
Good incentive to start doing it..

Anyone should take this an incentive, Election of Not! May be just become a fund ready to RPK to run for parliament?


I would consume 10 packets of cigarettes less and this will make up for the RM100.

It is easy and there are many other ways to contribute to the Perak elections fund so long as the caring govt is being elected free of all corruption.

Pakatan gets RM500/- from me. rg

Good day Mr Yong,

Good intentions. By the way, you have Leo's direct phone.

My group need to talk to him to engineer Pek Mo's collapse.

Write to me at

I shall call you at your number ending 2000 to reveal to you who I am.

Dear Hostage 88

I don't have his direct number but will be able to find out from someone.. Email me first, my office number does not have permanent staff to answer.

Shiok Guy

Will walk the talk with you Bro Shiok Guy, good opportunity to get slim and to get rid of the crap sub-human brain-dead shit-eaters bn once and for all in Perak!!!!!


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