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Mummy has Breast Cancer

Mummy has operation to remove a lump on her left breast on 20 Feb 2009, and yesterday. 24 Feb 2009 we received the bad new from her pathology report. Mummy has breast cancer and it is advance stage.

Normal Breast with an enlarged cross-section of normal duct
Breast profile:
A Ducts
B Lobules
C Dilated section of duct to hold milk
D Nipple
E Fat
F Pectoralis major muscle
G Chest wall/rib cage
A Normal duct cells
B Basement membrane
C Lumen (center of duct)

The hospital in Miri has schedule an operation on 27 Mar 2009 to remove her whole breast, more than 1 month away. With the spread of breast cancer cell, in ONE month period, my mummy will have cancer cells all over her body and organs. If she has not having all the spread now.

I hope the hospital can arrange for an early operation to remove her whole breast but due to lack of fund and human resource, ONE month waiting is considered as very fast!

Next option will be private hospital for her operation, but all my sibling and myself has financial constraint to give her the quickest possible medical attention. I am feeling so sad for my inability to help her! I am trying to remortgage my house so I can secure some money for her operation, but that will take a few months before any fund is make available.

May be I just try asking for help via the cyberspace, SOS My mummy has breast cancer! HELP! For those who can help and have the extra to chip in. My Maybank Account number = 164847018858


Dear Chikuling,

I am so sorry to hear the news. I pray God will be with you and your family. Most of all, I pray God will heal your mom and prevent the cancer from spreading.

Please explore second or even third opinions and check - if it is advance it advisable to do surgery?

I am no doctor but I have many friends who have had this medical condition and they are ok now...

I pray your mom will be alright...I believe in miracles ...

Thank you Shiok Guy for caring enough to post this news.

God bless you too!


I am so sorry to hear such a shocking news.

The best way to fight breast cancer is to take care of the food intake. Lead a healthy eating habit & lifestyle. Meditation is one of the way too.

I have known and come in contact with a social organization known as Longevitology. I am one of the students who practices the art of healing with hands, and i believe it will be helpful for you to come in contact with them personally pertaining to such a matter. I will forward all the details so that you can get in touch with them. Don't worry it is FREE OF Charge..
606 2151088

I just hope that your mom will be alright. May God bless her and may miracle be by your side always


Fit Breast

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