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Pyramid Get Rich Scheme

Another Pyramid Scheme? It really smell like another of those Multi-Level Marketing scheme where recruitment is the main objective, not products and services sales. I hope Malaysian does not fall into this trap and lost their life saving again!

21st Century is the Word of Network marketing, working smart !

We committed to offer the best technology and marketing tools to achieve our common goals. We are looking for people who understand the logic to join us.

You can have 100,000 customers after 5 levels, because

1) most customers willing to try any business for RM10!
2) therefore anyone who share this biz will have no problem recommend 10 customers!

1st level = 10 people x RM4 = RM40
2nd Level = 100 people x RM1 = RM100
3rd Level = 1,000 people x RM1 = RM1,000
4th Level = 10,000 people x RM1 = RM10,000
5th Level = 100,00 people x RM2 = RM200,000

Time Frame
You & your group need to duplicate 10 in 1 month, so everyone can achieve in 5 months!
We are groups of people target to earn RM200k in 5 months from RM10!


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