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When you need loose change for lunch!

Loose change a nuisance or god sends?

What do you usually do with your loose change after coming back from shopping? I usually dump them into the coin compartment of my car. But now I usually give them to my 2 sons and ask them to save it in their little piggy bank. They are both OKU (Autism) and they both have a saving account with BSN where the Social Welfare is depositing RM150 each month for helping them in educational cost.

I know RM150 is not much and I can use that up in 2 hours session of therapy (Speech or OT). But then again, what can we ask for? More? Like RM15 Million more when we can HOP from one belief to another?

Anyway this posting is not about froggie or hopping from one party to another. We have enough of those already and now we are talking about real issue. Money in the pocket of average Malaysian.

Last week, after picking up my sons from their school (special class) and I decided to pack chicken rice for lunch. This is because they finished at 12 noon and I have to rush them to speech therapy at 2:30pm and 4:00pm. Only then I realized that I don't have a cent in my wallet, went to MayBank ATM and found out that my account balance is RM39++, and the machine can only dispense in multiple of RM50.

My sons need to take their lunch before the therapy session. I empty the coin compartment onto the seat and sort out RM7.00 for 2 packs of chicken rice.

When we have to look into our loose change for lunch, something is really wrong and bad financially. Usually we find the loose change nuisance and only when WE REALLY NEED it that we sort them out!

What do you guy think? Financially it is tough time for average Malaysian and will be even tougher for those with special need children. Should I join a political party and learn how to Jump or Hop? HELP! SOS!


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