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Dear Hee-Froggie!

Dear Hee-Froggie

Firstly I would like to apologize for calling you a froggie, other than that I don't really know how to address you. I have a hard time trying to explain to my 2 autistic sons about you!

Link to Malaysia Cartoon without permission, click here for more

I have explained to my 2 sons that a disable person (OKU) can also be successful as long as you keep to your belief and hard work, never give up on righteousness and fight on with injustice. Just Like YB Hee!

That's was before you become a froggie. But now I have to change my story and it goes like this: YB Hee is a disable person not only physically but also morally and mentally. She has been voted into the state assembly by the people knowing that she will represent them against the BN. But now for the reason only known to herself, she jumped without asking those who voted for her. May be BN promised her something? May be BN promise her that if she jumps, 5 Billion Ringgit will be allocated for OKU for 2009? If she jump due to this, may be I will solute her and my sons can still have her poster in their bedroom.

But, the look on my sons' face say it all. It is only for the money! What a Froggie!


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