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Health Minister: Liow Tiong Lai

Firstly my apology for the poor quality of the picture taken using my mobile phone. I was around Seri Petaling, and noticed this huge banner across the front of this Chinese Restaurant and Traffic Jammed. Our Health Minister is the guest of honor to official the Chinese Restaurant.

Why do we need a Health Minister to official a Restaurant? This is to add to the credential that the Restaurant is an Healthy outlet? We the Rakyat paid our Health Minister to work for us, and definitely not for this Chinese Restaurant. Does the Health Minister benefit anything from officiating this outlet? Or may be just some free food?

The whole event caused traffic jammed along the road. When I horned to indicate my disgust for those official cars who simply parked, double parked or even tripple parked. What I get back is some gangsterism look!


Liow have to 'entertain" his certain strong mca supporter.
It is good that you highlighted this.
We will boycott the mca restaurant

Let me get a clearer picture with my Nikon Camera later on.. At least we will get the name and detail of the restaurant..

Shiok Guy

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