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Hour to Live, An Hour to Love

An Hour to Live, an Hour to Love is a genuine love story and a moving reminder that in the midst of our busy days to days life, we comes across a lot of people and touched and been touched by our actions and theirs. Reading those true, sad but touching story make me stop and decide to hug and appreciate all those around us!

Sometimes we appreciate someone only when they are long gone, but too late to let them know! Start Hugging and Kissing those around you from now on! We never know.. If Tomorrow Never Come !

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How is your mom? Hope all is well with her.

I also did a review of this book in my blog some time back.

And I posted the same video!!! Great minds think alike.

Take care...

Today 17 March she is going to have her left breast remove.

Thank you for remember about her and please pray for her quick recovery!

Shiok Guy

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