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PM AAB Parting Message?

Ideas Appreciated
Viewpoints Welcomed

Come across this billboard on the federal highway today! I think one of the blog I followed talk about this before, but today is the first time I see it.

Ideas Appreciated? Isn't it too late to do anything now that you are going to retire after 31 March 2009. Viewpoints Welcomed? So what is the point of sharing our viewpoints when you are going to be powerless come 1 April 2009. Unless your intention to step down on 1 Apirl 2009 is just another flip flop! Dear AAB, if this is another of your flip flop, I persoanlly think this is the best flip flop you ever did!

Tell us on 31 March 2009 that you change your mind and you still have a lot of Ideas and Viewpoints to consider before stepping down! I the ShiokGuy will support you hand down!

Read about the reviews here

2 consequences
1 he forget that his days is counting
2 he wanted to stay on.
which ever it is that billboard is a real waste of money and its our money.

Could it be he is making an 'illegal" U-Turn?
As he only mentioned verbally that he is stepping down , it was never written down in black & white .

najib must NOT be the PM.
As long as the Altantuya's case , Raja Petra's cases , Perak and the missing Bala are not settled .
And if he wants the PM position so badly, lets have a round of nationwide snap election.
It is a najib versus DSAI afterall.

PM = PostMortem
A = Altantuya Shaariibuu
A = Ahmad Abdullah Badawi or Abdul Rajak Baginda or Anwar Ibrahim
B = Balasubramaniam
Once Najib takes over the Premiership, his NextAssasinateJobIsBalasubramaniam.
Next may be Baginda or Badawi or even Anwar Ibrahim.
AAB is very reluctant to step down as KJ has won the post of UMNO BARU Youth Chief.
Therefore, in view of the above possibilities, AAB should not step down as PM. Moreover, AAB promised the Rakyat to work with him during the last GE.
The Rakyat voted for AAB not Mohd Najib Abdul Razak to be the PM!
If AAB were to step down as PM before declaring the 13th GE, it would be construed that AAB had betrayed the Nation!
This act of betraying the Nation is a crime leading to capital punishment.

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