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Hee: The Most Hated Woman in Malaysia

Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong says she has no regrets becoming an Independent. She spoke to the press in Kuala Lumpur Sunday.The following video is taken from The Star..

Watch out the segment on:

00:41 - 01:08 : When she was asked about the ttitle as "The Most Hated Woman in Malaysia" and  also about she still visit her constituecy. Watch out the eye movement to her Upper Right or Right (Video is mirror image and so from your prospective, she will look to your Upper Left or Left)
In NLP this is usually call Visual Construction or Audio Construction. Meaning she is trying to make up those thing she is saying, effectively she is lying.

01:48-02:05: When she talked about jumping ship from PR to independent, no reward from BN! Be your own judge.

May be you need to learn what is Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) first, Click here for short Video Tutorial on NLP

April is Autism Month! What is autism? Click the following banner to find out more. To Hee, could you kindly donate some of your wealth for the benefit of kids suffer from Autism? Just Visit the My Autism Resource and Donate

What's next? The best is for fresh election in Perak. Will you Hee stand for election and I bet you will lost with your pant down, or rather... Let the people choose, not the court to decide! Lets have the pillars of Democratic Society be independent..Here

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