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The collapse of pillars of society

The collapse of pillars of society.

I am not an expert in Law, Politic, Constitution and Whatever. I am just a concern citizen who feel that our democratic process has been compromised badly. Now this is purely my opinion and you guy can read and quote at your own risk.

How many pillars do we have in Democratic (If we have one) Malaysian Society? My take is The Executive (Government of the day), The Judiciary (Court), The Law Enforcement (Police & MACC), The Legislator (MP & ADUN) and The Media (Free Media). As a layman, I belief they should be independent and each pillars should not intrude into the others territory.

I feel that the government of the day has its hand in the other 4 pillars and hence make them not independent. The appointment of Judiciary could be more transparent and should not be entrusted to just One or Two persons. Frankly speaking, do you feel that the appointment is without bias? Do you feel the court decision is a bit strange? We need to have the jury based system back! I am not pointing finger or blaming anyone for this failed pillar call Judiciary, I am merely asking the question. Touch your heart and ask, if the victim is yourself when justice is not forthcoming, it is too late to do something?

The Law Enforcement is a pillar that keep the people safe from tranny in the soceity. Do you feel safe? Do you feel as a citizen of Malaysia, you are will protected by the enforcement of the law? Do you feel that the tranny are in control and the people of Malaysia are the receiving end? Why are The Law Enforcement in the House of Perak? Where is the seperation of power?

The quality of our Legislators are also very questionable (MP or ADUN). We have among them so many frog, racist and extremist. We must move forward and away from Racial and Religious Politic. Are our Legislators getting the full immunity from prosecution? They are not, Sedition and ISA will always waiting to get them into jail. Right? Once again, this is my opinion! How is it that bring a cake to the PM is consider threat to the national security or sedition? Sorry I am non Security or Law Expert, but just common sense tell me it is not. My first reaction is just "Huh?"

The Media as we know it need yearly renew license to print, hence make them totally NOT Independent! We have seen a few who make some noise and end up suspended or license withdrawn. We need a free media who can dig out all the wrong of The Executive, The Law Enforcement, The Judiciary and The Legislator. Let the media do their job and please don't tell us the people are stupid. If the media is not reporting correctly, the media will be neglected and will die of natural death. The income and profit will make the media toe the line and be professional. Using a license to control will only make the media toe your line, not the people's line.

The Executive, I have nothing much to say about the executive but just purely disappointed. Please for those who are going to be a health minister should have a medical degree, or a professor in medical field. Vice versa, I am sorry I am not picking on Health Ministry and just purely an example.

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