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People Choice, People First and People Happy

Reading the article on Bernama namely "People Come First in My Cabinet Selection, Says Najib". Dear self appointed PM, I would like to address you saPM.

How can you say that your cabinet is based on People First? Are you saying it is People Choice and we the People are very happy with it? Firstly asPM, is definitely Not People Choice and if the head of the cabinet is not a people elected PM but saPM. How can you assume that the rest of your cabinet is based on the principle that People come First, People Choice and People are Happy about it?
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People has rejected the follow individual loud and clear! Koh Tsu Koon, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Chew Mei Fun and Awang Adek Hussin who have to get into Parliament by the backdoor of the Senate as they had been rejected by the voters in last year’s general elections. Those individual should have been rejected since they are NOT PEOPLE CHOICE. The least those individual can do is to resign with dignity! How can one live with the label of Thick Skin Reject who like Back Door Entry?

How you heard about The Secret? The powerful secret?

People Come First In My Cabinet Selection, Says Najib
From Yong Soo Heong and Arul Rajoo

PATTAYA, April 10 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Najib Razak says his choice of his new Cabinet line-up may not be able to satisfy everyone as the most important consideration was the people's well-being.

He said the people must feel happy with the Cabinet.

"It's impossible to satisfy everyone. I seek to satisfy the public first of all," he said when asked about dissatisfaction among some Umno members, including those who won in the recent party elections.

Najib, who is here to attend the 14th Asean Summit and related summits, said he had stressed before that the people must come first, followed by the party and government.

"Still, I took into account party positions as well. It was not that they were completely cast aside...that was not the case."

Najib said this when asked when he would start the familiarisation visit of Asean member countries after taking over the premiership on April 3.

He said before making such visits, he wanted to put several things in order first.

Najib said now that he had named his Cabinet, he would explain and expound to his ministers the emphasis and focus of the new Cabinet.

"I have to give them directions and expectations," he said, adding that he would subsequently look at the political side of the party structure and governmental positions.

He said once that was in place, he would start to make his rounds to Asean countries.


why this blog always copy and paste? Not creative enough kah?

Thank you for your suggestion!
I shall improve and add the link to other post instead of paste it over.

Shiok Guy

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