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The Secret

This is the first 20 minutes of the global film phenomenon "The Secret". It is authorized by The Secret LLC for personal use only. Please enjoy this gift!

Whether you Belief in It or Not, do watch these videos and think about it. Do apply the following next time when you are looking for car park; instead of worrying about no parking, just imagine how happy and delighted you are going to be with plenty of empty parking lot. Ask for someone to leave their lot and belief it will happen, drive around with the request and belief in you mind. The chances are you will happily get what you want. Belief in Positive!

The Secret: 1st 20 minutes

Read the whole posting, more videos and write up, please visit Autism Resource Malaysia

the secret huh? saw the whole thing before then it led me to bob proctor one of the speaker then it lead me to some malaysian then u know wat happen next? Three alphabet...

MLM..multi level marketing...

good or bad?

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