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Swine Influenza (Flu) Update..

The outbreak of disease in people caused by a new influenza virus of swine origin continues to grow in the United States and internationally. Today, CDC reports additional confirmed human infections, hospitalizations and the nation’s first fatality from this outbreak. The more recent illnesses and the reported death suggest that a pattern of more severe illness associated with this virus may be emerging in the U.S. Most people will not have immunity to this new virus and, as it continues to spread, more cases, more hospitalizations and more deaths are expected in the coming days and weeks.
To get the daily update please visit CDC website and here you will get information on day to day prevention we can do to minimize the risk of infection. See here also for emergency response.

There are podcast from CDC also here... Go and listen to how you can put your hand together and be safe. What is the symptom of Swine Flu and more...

What has Malaysian Ministry of Health done so far? Do we have a website? Or A blog? If you can supply the information to me, I will create a blog just for updating. But with One Condition, the information has to be uncensored!

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