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The Autism Train Journey

As a father who has 2 sons suffering from Autism, has make me see the world and life in different context. First thing is that I have already discounted my life, ambition and happiness; to be replaced by dedication to bring about better quality of life for my two sons. What is the life journey of a autism family? The way I see it, The Autism Journey is like those of a train ride with destination uncertain. The destination is this context will be the death of the parent (father or mother). In here, I will just simple using me, a father as an example.

The Beginning
Once I found out about my sons condition, The Autism Train Journey Begin! We step into the train ride and going toward the first station stop. We meet a lot of people in the train and most people does not know what the hacked is happen to my sons, so do I? I am totally lost and just listen to everyone and try every possible remedies suggestion by all the passengers of the train.

The Stations' Stop
At every station, some passenger has gone for good (death) and some new one arrive. The older passenger has get used to my sons and they all show and shower us with love and care. There are those who gave us the hard time, but what the hack I cannot make everyone happy, right?

More Stations' Stop
After a few stations stops and goes, we get use to the situation with annoying new passenger, loving and caring old passenger, bad and heartless old passenger and we also missed those who left us for good in last station stop. They are gone for good!

The Final Destination
Then we start to think about where are we going? Where is our destination. After a much soul searching I realized that next station stop could be my final destination. A final destination not about autism cured or my sons can be independent living alone. The final destination is about I am leaving the train and left both my sons alone in the train ride. They still have a long and lonely ride ahead.

It really sound scary when I imagine them alone in this ride without me holding them, protecting them and loving them. Will the other passenger kind and loving enough to take over my role?

During the ride until now, I have seen some good, bad and "Oh My God" kind of passengers. How then can I leave the ride knowing they will not be in good hand.

After I realized that the next stop could be my final destination. I start to do the following: -

  • Love and get to know every passengers as much as possible.
  • Tell them about autism and my sons.
  • Share with them my griefs and joys.
  • Always live my life, spend the time and loving my sons as if next station stop is my last, My Final Destination!
  • Plan financially, they have the money to pay for their ride until Their Final Destination Too

Happy to be able to design this for you

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