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Happy 9th Birthday WJ

Today 11 May 2009 is my elder son birthday, he is now 9 years old. Time flies when we have fun, and it does flies when you don't.

On 1 May 2009, he lost his two permanent front teeth due to constant self beating, detail here and this is how WJ look like in 2008, detail here.

WJ My Dear Son,

One year ago, you look so different
You still have your two front teeth then
This year you look so much mature and manly
I did not show your lost front teeth

With or without your front teeth, you are still my dear son
I might yell when you are whining non stop
I cry out before I sleep every night
Asking myself, why should I yell.

No matter how I yell at you
You always come to me for anything
Hold my hand and lead me to place
Where you want me to be.

My birthday come 3 weeks before yours
Still no "Happy Birthday Daddy"
Dear WJ, Daddy not giving up
One day, you will, One day.

Happy Birthday, WJ! U r indeed a fine young looking man.

U r so lucky to have such loving and dedicated dad. And with the tender loving care, am sure someday u will bring more tears of joy to your parents.


Does he know how to write? Maybe next time you can get him (with the help of another person guiding him) to make you a birthday card. I am sure he knows the meaning of birthday and unable to express in words. Or at least pick up a candle to show you or even a present to you. Make pretend the event - get someone to tell him it's daddy's birthday....and say happy birthday - pictures? Boleh?
Happy birthday to you and WJ! Be strong. Every cloud has a silver lining. Tricia

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