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Boycotting Petroleum Company

Boycotting Petroleum Company

I have boycotted the TV stations in Malaysia for last 5 years and did not buy any newspaper for the last 3 years. I was thinking what else can I do to initiate a change for a better Malaysia.

Since we are peace loving, non violent and have our kids to take care off. I don't think it is wise for me to get myself injure or even kill in an effort to bring about a better Malaysia. Yes! call me a Coward if you like. No Balls, Useless or Talk Cock! But I did silently did my part to bring about a better Malaysia. How about you? Did you do anything beside just Talk Cock in the Blog or to your friend?

I might not be the ground blog-trooper in all the by-elections or May 7 in Perak. But still I did my small little part to bring about a better Malaysia. If everyone is doing their part, a collective of all these small parts will bring a tsunami effect to the society.

I have 2 sons and both of them are Autistic, hence I will have to first bring about the awareness about Autism to Malaysia, second to bring about a better Malaysia. A better Malaysia means a Fair, Just, Harmonise, Peaceful, United and Prosperous Society.

Each and everyone of us pump petrol almost 1-2 times a week, right? How about if we start boycotting those petroleum companies that belong to UMNO or BN related parties. Do you think it will bring about a better Malaysia? We might want to kid ourselves that Money does not matter, and I am telling you all that Money Does/Did matter! Do you think those politicians (Not all) are in for the service to the people?

What next?

Firstly I need some help. Can someone send me relevant documents about shareholding of all the petroleum companies in Malaysia? Or you can point to me where I can find them! Once I have all the document, we will compile and upload them to this blog. From then on we can start boycotting those petroleum companies which has higher share ownership by UMNO or BN related parties.

We know we might not be able to avoid our money reaching UMNO or BN related parties, but hey! We are talking about minimize it as much as possible. Right? A small effort will bring about a tsunami effect on this companies. Lets us begin!

P/S: please don't be worrying about your rewards point that offer by them. Consider it as your investment and effort for a better Malaysia.


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