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Stop Press: DAP HQ Raid!

More Video here

First time in the 42 years history of DAP, police raided our HQ.

11 plain clothes police came to the HQ this evening around 6.25pm, brought along with them one HQ staff, Ooi Leng Hang, who was arrested last Thursday at the Teratai vigil and who is still under remand.

The police did not have any warrant of search with them, and the office was not opened. We suspect they forced Ooi to let them in.

They took away a CPU, a 19″ monitor (obviously these officers are computer illiterates), some DVDs, a keyboard and a tablet.

Party leaders, Tan Kok Wai, Fong Kui Lun, Gobind Singh and Lim Lip Eng, who were alerted of the raid, managed to reached the HQ before the police left, which was about an hour later.

The leaders are holding a press conference in the HQ now. Read more here


Wah your blog really tak laku ah,,.... kekekekek...
funny seeing you desperately leaving comments all over blogsphere to attract people to come and comment on yours.....

Dear Anon 12:32pm

Yeah lah!My blog really tak laku la!

Anyway thank you for coming to leave this comment in my blog.

Do you have a blog? I don't mind visit yours everyday! Promised.

My blog is just my small part to bring about a better Malaysia. I have linked and re-post some blog and news from all over the place.

Offcos under "My Opinion" is purely my view and under Autism News is what I do to help bring awareness to Autism since my sons are suffering from Autism.

Thank you Anon 12:32pm

Shiok Guy

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