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Calling Penanti UMNO Members

Dear Penanti Umno Members

Your BN decided not to contest the current by-election, and I belief you know what is the main reason behind this. The main reason is that BN will lose the by-election in a big margin and the current PM simply cannot stomach another embarrassment.

You must be disappointed that your party decided to chicken out and hence all the UMNO members cannot make a quick buck from all the money coming in during by-election.

What can you do? Yeah! Get Even!

I am not kidding, you are 5000 strong and start mobilise your entire member and make sure they come out and vote, but Vote for Change, Vote PR.

Don't worry if your UMNO warlord tell you they will know who you vote for, off cos they will know. But do you care? They already abondant you during this by-election. Chicken Out is no excuses in politic, Chicken Out is just so so coward.

So Penanti UMNO, do the right thing, get even and vote for PR for Change!


Dear Shiok Guy

You are going to upset UMNO and BN, do you think they will help you in your autism center?

sometimes you must keep quiet so you can get what you want. If you really care about your sons and also those kids which will go without a center soon. Keep quiet and may be approached those UMNO and BN for money! Understand!

Asking for help, but still talk cock..

Dear Anon May 31, 2009 11:09am

Thank you for your advice! I know I might upset those in power, but if they are a real human being and seeing thing from humanitarian group then they will still help. Right?

In helping other, it does not matter your skin color, your religious belief or your political association. Am I right? or Just damn stupid naive?

Shiok Guy

Dear Reader
What Anon May 31, 2009 11:09am talking about is our SOS call to help setup a new Autism Center

SOS!! Help need for Autism Center

Shiok Guy

PR win hand down! With or without the UMNO 5000 members :)

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