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SOS! Autism Centre Closing Down - 14 June 2009

What is Autism? Kindly click here for google Information!

Both my sons are suffering from acute form of autism, and they have been going to this center for the past few months. This center was funded by a Kind Businessman via charity donation. Hence it has been offered as Free Service to those parents who cannot afford the full commercial service. I am one of those parent who need Early Intervention Program and cannot afford it.

The center was headed by a very experience teacher in autism management and intervention. He is a retiree and if he left this job I don't think he will be actively working for the good of autistic kids again. I want to secure his service and take over the operation of the center. I have the business experience and also autism management experience to turn this around.

We are not going to provide a free for all kind of services, but will be very affordable. We will have a trust fund setup to help those who cannot afford to pay for the service. Time is running out, 14 June 2009 is the deadline for the Current Center to cease operation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the owner of the current center for his contribution in past years.

Why am I here asking for help? I have no other way to go and seeking the help from whoever I can get my hand on to. We need the following: -

1. Premise - prefer a corner lot house with some garden area where we can setup sand and water therapy area.

2. Musical - Since autistic kids are very artistic and musically inclined, I want to setup some musical class to explore their potential. Any good working Piano or Electronic piano are needed. Can Yamaha donate some? Anyone who know someone in Yamaha?

3. Art - Art supply for painting and others

4. Renovation - Can some good soul help to pay for the renovation and furnishing of the center?

5. Telecommunication - Telephone, Fax and Internet access

6. Funding - We need at least one year of funding before we can be self funded. I will work out the requirement once we have more people come into play and willing to help

7. Teaching material - I have plenty in my house becasue both my sons are autistic and I have invested over the years.

Anyone can help me to published all the above? I have 2 weeks to put thing together before they closed it down. 20 kids will be affected if the center is closed down without giving them an alternative to go.


29 May 9:32pm : Immediately we need a place to move all the material to. A place where we can start to put all the thing together. Funding can be later since we need a place to continue teaching those kids after 14 June 2009.

For those who ask me about the account number, I will ask NST tomorrow to see if they can help as independent party. Using my account will be a BIG conflict of Interest.

If you want to help to donate cash, piano, or anything that we can use. Please send me an email at with the subject line of "I love to help"

29 May 10:11pm: A few friend comment that my english is really suck and they cannot really understand what am I talking about. Since I am an engineer by training, let me put it in point form: -
  • The current Autism Center will cease operation on 14 June 2009 (CONFIRMED)
  • 20 kids including my two sons will have no center to go after 14 June 2009
  • We negotiate with the owner to take over the material and furnishing
  • We need to find a new place, a corner lot house is ideal because we need outdoor/garden to setup Sand and Water Play Therapy
  • We Have Not Setup a company just yet
  • The idea is to have a SDN BHD as Center. This will be run as normal business center but provide affordable rate of service. The main Objective is to survive by itself.
  • The SDN BHD Center will setup a trust fund to manage donation to help those needy.
  • Immediate we need a House, Renovation and Funding for at least 1-2 years for Teachers and Operating Cost!
30 May, 12:55am: I have decide to publish my personal account number in Maybank! First I just did a statement summary of my Bank Account as off 30 May 2009. 00:52:23. Please refer to the attached print out from MayBank. We can trace backward from today onward and I am not going to use this account for any other purpose other than the center (Please double click on the image for larger view)

I have also done some budget for the initiate fund required. We would need RM40K to last us until Dec 2009

The following is my Maybank Account detail: -

Account Name : Yong Yek Ming
Account Number : 164847018858

or Paypal

30 May, 17:31pm: I belief this is Zorro Account Number. If you feel more comfortable to donate to his account instead of my Maybank, please do so and the cause is the same.

Update 4 June, 2009: We have received pledge and cash donation, Casio Keyboard and personal help

Click the above image for full or larger view. Thank you very much for your support.

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy

+60 12 208 2818 

Brothers, Sisters and Friends who highlighted our SOS call (pls email me if you carry our SOS call): -


i have posted your appeal in my blog. hope you don't mind.

will email to all in my contact. thats the least i could do as i will be away for 10 days.

best wishes

Please set up a bank account for this so that those of us who are away can bank in some support to help your cause

Dear Anon May 29, 2009 8:15PM

The center has decided to close down permanently. The teacher and I are trying to take over all the furniture, teaching material and move to another premises as soon as possible.

We haven't have time to register a company (Sdn Bhd) for this purpose yet, what more to say a bank account. I am willing to offer my personal bank account but than again this does not sound right. I don't feel comfortable!

Moreover, immediately we do not need the money as just yet. But we do need it for operation for at least 1 year. I belief I can make it break even and may be profitable. The profit will then put back into the charity arm of company to pay for fee for those who cannot afford.

The idea is to have a Charity Management of the company. This Charity Division will be task with raising fund to help those who need to use the center service. This will help to center to operate independently and put back the profit back into the Charity Fund.

Anyone who has a corner house wanting to rent out cheaply or even for free for 1-2 years. We should be able to self fund after that.

Thank for all my blogger friend who highlight this and on behave of the kids.. Thank you.

Shiok Guy

hey there shiok guy.
where can people donate money to?
like above, can a bank account be set up or something?

Thank you...

Zorro unmasked @ Bernard Khoo

Niamah @ Patrick Teoh

Thank for highlighting this...

If my message is not clear... Let me try to clarify.

1. The center has DECIDED to close down
2. We are opening a NEW center
3. We will REUSED most teaching material if possible
4. It will not be FREE service
5. Those in need will be FUND will Center Charity Fund

Shiok Guy

Dear shang neng

Sorry Man! I am not very well verse in handling donation. But I know since we have not setup a company for this. It is not ethical for me to ask to bank into my account.

I would prefer going to a third parties other than me to avoid the conflict of interest!

How about? Zorro unmasked @ Bernard Khoo or Niamah @ Patrick Teoh? I belief two of them are a upright Malaysian whom we can trust.

At the mean time, spread the word and hold on to your wallet..

Immediate we need someone who can sponsor a house, a corner lot with garden for at least 1-2 years. Anyone? Once I have this taking care of.. Funding part will be followed.. OK?

Shiok Guy

Shiok Guy,

Those of us who are leaving far away,could only help you by donating cash,find a way to set up a bank account,maybe you can approach NST,they have an account for donations.All the best.

Dear Joenathan

Thank for the information. I will call them tomorrow and see how they can help.

For those who goes away, you can always help when you are back after the school holiday!

Our immediate need is a place to call center..

Shiok Guy

That's a good idea which I was thinking about too,if everything else failed,request Bernard or Patrick,if they agree than publish the bank acc.details here.We will be more than happy to extend whatever little help we can.God bless.

I have asked Brother Bernard and Brother Patrick for permission!

I hope they can agreed!

Shiok Guy

Being a parent I feel for you. I want to donate. Give us an account no. Is there an Autism Foundation in Malaysia? Can they help too?

Dear t3comd

We haven't got time to setup any account for this new center yet. Kindly send me a private email at and I will inform you once we have account setup.

Any use or second hand item are most welcome too. I mean something that you don't need at home.

Ultimately our first priority now is a "HOME" to move into.

On behave of the kids and myself...Thank you!

Shiok Guy

Hi brudder,
CK was doing something like this successfuly a few months back. (
I will ask him to contact you

Dear Brother Benny

Thank you for the feedback! I can be contacted at

Yo.. I really enjoy your cartoon! Keep it up and keep us amuse and smiling (rather Drop Death laughing)

Shiok Guy


Please allow me to share some thoughts and suggestions...

From my personal experience in donation and charity, I find that often time individual and organization who ask for gift, are surprisingly ill prepared in receiving money.

This is crucial especially when you are dealing with business man. They really don't want to waste time in complicated transaction. They want to just write you a cheque , done with it immediately, leave it to you to settle the rest so that they can move on to the next thing. Business men often have to make quick decisions in life. What you want to do is to make it really easy for people to give to you. Always include important information such as a bank a/c ready for the money to come in at anytime; email, phone numbers and names to contact for further inquiries etc...

You would be surprised that many corporations are actually ready to give away big amount of money but they also need to ask you for more information for tax deduction purpose. Sometime they prefer to talk to someone over phone rather than through email. A company might end up giving to someone else instead of you if they find you unprepared and unaccessible.

The lesson I learned over the years- never open my mouth to ask for money if I am not ready to make it easy for people to give to me. Sometimes, opportunity only appears once. People change their mind later when you ask them again, for reasons unknown to us...

I believe once the news get out there many would like to contribute. I understand that it's such a short notice for you and too many things to settle, but please get the bank a/c ready ASAP so that people can start contributing.

In fact, when I visited this link from zoro's blog I thought I could drop you a cheque as soon as tomorrow, but now I find that I have to revisit this blog later to see whether a bank a/c already set up. An email contact is no good because I would be still asking for a bank a/c. I was also thinking of referring some friends to this but they would be also asking for the same thing.

Not everyone has this kind of patient since many don't have experience in organizing for charity and don't understand the difficulty of fund raising.

Another thing you might want to consider is to work out the exact amount you are raising and consider making it known to people. (if it's for furniture, list down as specific as possible the items you are looking for) This would prove helpful for the fund raising process. I have experiences in the past when I approached business men who are ready to give and when they asked me how much I actually need, I could then give them the amount immediately. The next thing I know was the business men later wrote me a cheque - the exact amount I mentioned. The process of fund raising are being cut short and made easier. I don't think that would have happened if I didn't do my homework.

And also sometime people give according to your needs, not necessarily according to what they can afford. Say you ask for RM100, they might just give RM20 but if you ask for RM2000, they would then give RM300. If you don't mention the amount, they don't have any clue how much to give. They might end up giving you RM20 while as they can afford RM300. Your fund raising project end up taking longer and harder too.

I hope this help. God bless

Dear Anon May 30, 2009 12:09am

Thank you very much for your feedback. I did some basic costing for next 6 month until end of this year. We will need around 40K!

I will upload the spreadsheet soon.

Next thing I will print out the statement of my Maybank and put it online. Any income from today onward will be for the center. I am here open pledge that my account can be audited anytime.

Shiok Guy

Shiok Guy, I sent this blogpost link to a few friends in the Selangor state exco. They might decide to support private initiative in specialized community support projects like the autism center you've been running. Fingers crossed that all's well that ends well...

have banked in a small contribution..hope your plan goes well.

have banked in a small contribution..


Dear ArtChan

Thank you very much! Watch this blog for the update on the progress. If I failed to raise enough, I will have to refund to all those that have contributed so far.

I was very reluctant to use my account initially however please read back the comment by a reader. I was not prepared before asking for help. When someone want to help, they have no way to go. Just that we are just a few parents [stressed out by autism :)].

But our heart are pure and determine to help our children and those that suffer from this disability.

Rest assured that your donation will not be abused or misused. I will publish the full account printout and detail transaction on line from time to time.

Shiok Guy (Yong Yek Ming)

Dear Mr Shiok Guy

I came to know about your plea from Uncle Zorro. Please allow me to link your heartfelt plea in my blog. Thanks for sharing as i have 2-year old nephew with mild case of autism. Take care and may God bless you and your loved ones always.

Thank you very to Hornbill Unleased for highlighting our plea!

Thank You Sim Kwang Yang!!

Hornbill UnleaseRegards
Shiok Guy

Shiok Guy, Please let me know how big the house u need & is it ok if it is in KL. Let me know how much rental can you afford. Thanks

Dear TK,

We are looking for a corner lot link house with bigger garden. We need to setup some play area for sand pit and water therapy. A swing and also sensory slide

Prefer in PJ, Puchong, Kinrara or Shah Alam will be fine. Within downtown KL will be tough for most parents.

How Big? At the moment a double storey house will be enough, with as many room as possible. Each room can be used as therapy room!

Rental? basically we have no fund right now. We are looking for angel who willing to let us use the house for free for 1-2 years. There after we could start paying some rent. Budget 1K-1.5K

Are you in Real Estate? I belief a lot of properties are no able to be let out. Can we have a deal with the owner? 1 or 2 free rental for charity and pay the market rate after 2nd years. Or any deal you can help to strike! We just need a place to move to by 14 June 2009.

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy

Hey Shiok Guy, do you mind if I put this link on my Facebook? Just trying to get this plea for help out to as many people as possible.

Dear Lao'Cha

Please help to spread the news as much as possible. I wish i can do it by 14 June 2009.

Shiok Guy

A friend of mine said that I don't sound convincing enough to others. I am not a businessman with business plan. Sorry!

But I know what I want to do for next 6 months is to make sure the kids has a center to go to after 14 June 2009.

Thereafter, if any kind soul want to help me to do a business plan, I will put on my tie and go around seeking help. For the moment. This is me!

Shiok Guy

Hello visitors of this cool blog ;)

Please visit my new site ;) :

(It would be great to have you as the first visitor from your great country there)

Sorry I don't want to spam ;)

Hey Shiok Guy, why don't you just open up a new bank account in a different bank from the one you normally use and have people bank in donations there? it will make things more clear-cut this way. As for the renovations, maybe you can ask the parents whose kids are enrolled there to roll-up their sleeves and 'gotong-royong' over the weekends to clean up, plaster, paint, weed, plant, etc. They may not be able to afford the cost of education, but they should contribute their time to the place that is trying so hard to help their kids.

Good luck!

Dear Anon May 31, 2009 4:00AM

First I receive the romour on Thur 28 May 2009, and I start talking to all the parents and my friends to see what we want to do. On Friday come the confirmation that the center is to cease! So we start the ball rolling to get a new place, hence no time for register a new company, new bank account.

I was worry about conflict of interested that's why initially I did not ask for cash donation, but a pledge of equipment, house and others. However next 2 weeks is a school holiday and many of us will be away, hence a lot of donor want bank account immediatetely.

I temporary use my MayBank account and print out the closing balance on 29 May. Anything in and out of 29 May minus the closing balance will be totally to the center.

I am very happy that Zorro has offered his Public Bank Account too. Thank Zorro!

It will be Gotong Royong for all the parents for cleaning and painting, and setting up of the center. The internet and wireless setup will be done by me, I will donate all my spare PC (3 dell deskstop), HP printer, wireless modem and router. I will do all the IT stuff too.

However we need professional for a few thing: -

1. Create a time out room which must be sound proof.

2. Bigger room has to be partition off into small room for One to One therapy session

3. I try to get CCTV company to donate CCTV system to have CCTV on each therapy room. So we can record all session and can pass to the parents what and how we teach. Parent need to learn how to teach too since they spend more time at home with the kid

4. Electrical point, I am not qualify and I don't want to create any danger for all the kids

5. grill and safety, whatever we can do we will get our hand dirty. That for sure!

Shiok Guy

Dear All,

Introducing our Autism Parents Support Group in Malaysia, call Parents' Resource for Autism (PR4A) for short!


Shiok Guy

Calling Penanti UMNO to Vote for change click here Calling Penanti Umno Members

Shiok Guy

Just chipped in a small amount. Hope that everything will run well. Will pun in a prayer for you.

Dear t3comd,

On behalf off all the kids and myself, thank you very much for your prayer and contribution.

Watch this blog for any update after 14 June 2009

Shiok Guy

I'm working for persons with learning disabilities in general and we have a number of members who have autism. May I know the name of your center? Have you tried approaching Nasom as I know they have quite a huge amount of money given to them as one of their patron is someone from MCA.....

i have an old 21 inch tv. JVC brand, still in good condition. you want?

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