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Integrity Commission own by the Rakyat

Read about this on Bernama. To have an integrity commission that truly owned and trusted by the people is what Malaysian want. The crucial point of separation of power between the pillars of democratic society need to be restored before any commission has any good and use. What is the point of setting up a commission where it has no power to charge? When it has power to charge, we have a judiciary which is less than desire when come to independent and integrity.

The MPs are elected by the people and the pillars of democratic society should be answering and responsible to the parliament, not the government of the day, unless the government of the days win 100% of all the seats in the parliament.

The appointment of Chief of the pillars of democratic society should be approved by the people, hence the parliament. That is the only way to win the trust of the people, the Malaysian will not take anything less.

A key position like the IGP, AG and CJ should at least get 75% approval from the parliament before their appointment letter is signed. My advise to the opposition is that, don't simply reject a candidate best on emotion. If the recommended person is the right candidate please support and make sure we have the 75% support.

Last but not least, the voting should be via secret ballot!

Integrity Commission Step To Restore Public Trust

KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 (Bernama) -- The move to establish the Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission was to ensure that regulations and procedures were followed so that the public returned to having trust in public enforcement agencies, Parliament was told Thursday.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said it was one way to ensure that not only the police but related agencies followed doctrines, laws, regulations and procedures

"By having this commission, the wishes of the people to have an ombudsman system is also realised," he said when debating the Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission Bill 2009 in its second reading.

The bill among others was intended to enhance the integrity of the agencies, reduce wrongdoings among enforcement officers and entrench confidence in the agencies.

Also the comission could receive complaints of wrongdoings of the agencies or their officers

Agencies involved are the Immigration Department, Royal Customs, Road Transport Department, National Anti-Drug Agency, Department of Environment, Occupational Safety and Health, National Registration Department, Department of Civil Aviation, Industrial Relations Department, Fisheries Department, Wildlife and National Parks Department, Labour Department, the Health Ministry's Enforcement Department, the Tourism Ministry's Licensing Enforcement Unit, the Housing and Local Government Ministry's Enforcement Department, the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board's Enforcement Unit and the Registrar of Businesses' Enforcement Unit.

Sitting resumes on Monday.



In a democracy where people power is supreme, which machinery of government DOES NOT belong to the people? But the fact remained that these so called government people, the Members of Parliament, etc think they are supreme! They had lost their heads the minute they ascended their thrones, forgetting who the hell elected them and place them where they are today! Ungrateful IDIOTS!

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