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OMG SYABAS Supplies Milo Instead of Water

OUG area has no water supply since 11am on Satursday 13 June 2009, and the water supply just came back around 745pm just now, 14 June 2009. This is what we get...

and for comparison this is the rain water I collected this afternoon.

SYABAS, what kind of quality of water supply are you giving us?


next time don't use a dark colour pail. how la to tell the difference. that is just plain stupid.

Dear Anon,

That the only pail I have in hand to snap the picture. I thought it is very obvious by looking at the 3 pictures. Top 2 are Milo or Kopi O and the bottom one is clear rain water..

Am I plain stupid? Or may be you should look at the mirror sometimes. No Offend!

Shiok Guy

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